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President Trump has made it clear that while public protesting is appropriate, violence is wrong and he’s opposed to it, period. I totally agree with this. We veterans have defended with our lives the Constitution which guarantees, among other things, the right of free speech and the right to petition government for change—but none of this involves violence. Violence is nowhere protected—because it’s evil.

The Main Stream Media agrees with this, however, they have totally ignored the fact that most of the politically based violence in our nation in the past year or so has come from the left. During the presidential election there were a large number of left-wing groups violently attacking Trump and other republican folks who were simply supporting their candidate. We know that the Black Lives Matter folks advocate killing police—uh, that’s violence. And many of the other groups out there are pure left-wing. There are quite a number of college campuses where conservative speakers are not allowed to speak—sometimes there is a threat of violence—this simply to prohibit speech that might cause some students to think about things; this is America?

Let’s start with the fascists. Fascists are Nazis. The Nazis are the National Socialist Party—they’re socialists. The advocate a big strong, central government that fully controls the population—and that’s what Hitler wanted and had. Conservatives are not socialists; they advocate a smaller central government with minimal controls over the population. So, when someone calls another person or group a Nazi—they’re calling them left-wing violent people.

White supremists are not good. Where did they come from? From the Ku Klux Klan—the KKK. Where did they come from? The Democratic Party. Indeed, for years they had a formal role in the national Democratic Party’s conventions and functions. And, during the Congressional vote for Civil rights in the 1960s all Republicans voted for the Civil Rights bill—most Democrats voted against it. So, this movement is clearly a left-wing movement—and one that knows how to us violence. That the current KKK leader says he appreciates President Trump does not mean that Trump appreciates him—despite what the media tells us. The clear bias of the media makes this whole situation much worse that it might be if the media even tried to be balance in their reporting.

No, I’m not suggesting that all liberals or progressives or Democrats are violent people nor am I suggesting that they support the use of violence. But I would like to see them condemning the left-wing violence as well as the right wing jerks.

Consider this. I am a Christian and I’m very pro-life. Yet when someone who calls himself a Christian decides to attack or blow up an abortion clinic, I’ll be among the first to condemn that person. Can we start seeing that kind of consistency from the leaders of our friends on the left? For the sake of our nation, I hope so.

Yes, there are some right-wing jerks who have taken to violence—and they are as evil as their left-wing anti-American brothers. Violence is not what America is about—we are about a peaceful, free society, where we can discuss any topic. To the violent crews in America today, we need to put every one of them in jail.

Maybe it’s time for all good Americans, wherever they stand on the political spectrum, to totally condemn all those who advocate violence. Black Lives Matter openly advocates murder. Certainly the KKK has, in the past murdered many, mostly Black, people; perhaps they advocate that today—we should demand that they publically state where they stand on violence. We should do the same for every group that is seen regularly in violent situations. I’d like to see courts provide quick and severe sentences for those who openly advocate and perform destruction of the property of others and the harming of innocent people.

Most folkss know that I have a concealed pistol license. When I next go to a public rally, I’ll be armed. I won’t use my weapon unless I am attacked—or someone near me is attacked—but I sure will use it then. Should the group I’m with start turning violent—that is initiating violence—not defending themselves—I’ll leave and report them to the police.

Folks, this is our country. Our military has protected us from outside attack—we, the people, must deal with those who would ignore our Constitution for their own purposes. It’s our country. We have to stand up now and require our state and local governments not permit such activity—absolutely no police being told to stand-down, as has happened recently. The ball, troops, is in our court.

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