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Virginia Military Institute and sexism

Virginia Military Institute (VMI) is one of our nation’s premier military colleges. And they are now under federal scrutiny involving allegations that, over a decade after they enrolled their first female students, the school is a hotbed of sexism. The state attorney general is defending /br /One policy under “review” is their rule on marriage and parenthood. The rule states that: “any cadet who marries or becomes a parent” is expected to resign. If cadets don’t voluntarily quit, the institute will force them out. According to the rules, “the responsibilities of parenthood are deemed to begin upon a cadet’s learning that a child has been conceived.”br /br /Gosh! It’s sure un-American to have a clear rule and then hold people responsible to abide by it—especially at a military /br /For more information, see: a href=”” target=”_blank”

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  • As a grad that policy pre dates the admission of women and applies eually to male and female cadets…br /br /Sexist How?

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