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Walter Cronkite

Long-time CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite has died. I’m sure he loved America; he certainly was well known. I trust that he will rest in peace. br /However, Walt was no friend of the US military. I’m a Vietnam vet. The North Vietnamese initiated the great surprise attack during Tet (end of Jan) 1968. It caught everyone by surprise and they made some significant gains in the first few days. However, by a few weeks later they were almost totally defeated. Their Viet Cong allies were nearly all dead. In his memoires their commanding general said that it was time to sue for peace. But then–the US media, with Mr. Cronkite at the head, declared that Tet was a great victory for the North Vietnamese–and everyone believed the US media. American college campuses hosted many, many anti-war protests and all this convinced the North Vietnamese to stay in the war. The war lasted 7 more years and cost a great many deaths on both sides because of Mr. Cronkite and his peers.

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