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War and the Dictionary

Just for the record, according to my trusty Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, copyright 1959 (from my college days), war is: “1. The state or fact of exerting violence or force against another, now only against a state or other politically organized body… 2. Hostility; strife.” I think I may have discovered Washington’s problem—first I looked up “war” on; it had no listing for that word.

That may explain why our nation’s leaders have not realized that our nation is at war. Radical Islam has been at war with us (trying to kill us all—this does qualify as “exerting violence or force against another” and “hostility” and “strife.”) Attacking an embassy is an act of war; attacking a ship of war is an act of war. I presume that attacking a military base in the US is also. They’ve done all of these things. The laws of war (Geneva Convention) specifically require that combatants be in uniform and that they avoid deliberately targeting civilians. So, members of Radical Islam are both at war with us and war-criminals. They are NOT civilians who broke a law—criminals. They weren’t trying to steal something to make themselves rich or otherwise benefit themselves. They are not entitled to our civilian courts and protections. They are just like the Nazis who targeted civilians in (for example) London—although the Nazis were in uniform. They should be warehoused until they can stand before a war-crimes tribunal—like Nuremberg after WWII.

US Army Major Hassan is a traitor; he had switched sides in this war and was working with our nation’s enemy when he killed and wounded our soldiers at Fort Hood in cold blood. Similarly, the infamous Underwear Bomber who tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day, 2009, is a war criminal. He’s been tried as a criminal, with all appropriate rights, and now, over 2 years later, he hasn’t yet been sentenced. We’re spending an awful lot of taxpayers’ money on these trials—when the trials are totally inappropriate.

Please tell your Congress-critters and all whom you know in DC to get a hard-cover Websters and look up the word “war.” Maybe then they’ll see that we are at war. We need a congressional declaration of war and appropriate plans made to defeat our enemy. As President Bush said after 9-11, we’ll go after them and that anyone who helps them in any way will be targeted—too bad Bush didn’t do it. So, it’s time to do it now. The Radical Muslims do really and truly want all of us dead—we are the great Satan, you know. Make sure anyone you vote for in Nov understands this.

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