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We may have lost the battle

Listening to the circus performers and a mostly absent ringmaster perform in Washington, I’m full of real sadness for our nation. There will be no “deal” struck, and if one is finally found, it will hurt our once-great nation. This week signals that the corner has been turned against our citizens. Much worse, half of our citizens don’t even care.

So far this year I’ve heard our “leaders” propose national policies that will increase our energy costs – actions that will mean every citizen will have to spend more of their decreasing budgets just for fuel—not forgetting that fuel costs affect the cost of almost everything else.

These same leaders want to increase our spending beyond our national income. Today we spend nearly $30 billion per month just on the current national debt. This is nuts. And they want decreases in National Security! Worse than nuts. We have so many national agencies and programs that, if closed, would never be missed. Others if ended would likely improve our lives. I’ve long noted that the Dept of Education has contributed nothing to our nations; the States do this work. The Dept of Energy was created specifically to reduce our dependence on foreign oil—we now import nearly twice as much as before they existed.

The media belches “news” that credit rating agencies will downgrade our national credit rating regardless of what “deal” may be struck because, nothing the Democrats might have in a plan (after tabling Bills) that would signal the downturn in spending. The best of the two Bills passed by the House this past week will actually decrease our spending by a whole $10 Billion dollars for the rest of this year! The cost of servicing the debt will increase because our credit rating will be downgraded. The rise in cost of living will quickly hit every citizen.

The worst thing is that this situation seems to be deliberate. I see an intent to flatten our society and give successor Governments no option except continuing on the path of dismantling our once great nation. When the final collapse comes I’ll likely be in my grave, but our children and grandchildren must endure the degeneration into a second rate nation with an uncertain future. It’s clear to me that we have lost our nation this week. We shouldn’t give up the fight; we may be able to pull it out—but it will be an uphill fight and will require a great effort by caring citizens. Our nation and the world should mourn our situation. Believe me, Radical Islam sees and is rejoicing.

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