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We owe them better than this.

All the reports from the Mideast show that our troops are doing magnificantly. They are brave, resourceful, and dedicated. If there is one quite common characteristic among our troops, it is that they believe in what they were doing over there; many, including many that have been seriously wounded, are longing for the day that they can return–return into an area of danger. Why would they feel that way? It must be because they feel that they are being given a chance, for once in their lives, to make a difference–to do something that can very well change the world for /br /So, our troops, the best and brightest and bravest among us, have overcome the “entitlement syndrome” that seems to have overcome the rest of America. They are willing to give their very lives to do something good for someone else–and, maybe, in the long run, for /br /In return we see all kinds of negative things happening in our military because it is much too small for the mission we have given it. We’re starting to see divorces spike, good middle-level leaders leave the service–to save their marriages, or just to have some time to breathe. Yes, post-tramatic stress syndrome (PTSD) is at an all-time high for all wars just now. br /br /Our active Army is one-third of the size it should be (the other services need to grow substantially, too) to sustain the military presence that will be required in the Mideast for a decade or more. This will allow military personnel and families a chance to de-compress and have some normality in their lives. This will also allow the National Guard and Reserves to return to their proper role of being our military back-up. Neither our president nor our congress has shown the leadership or the concern to take this necessary action. Let’s get some elected officials who will do what is right for both the country and for our troops and veterans.

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