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Why are we going to war against Syria?

The problem is believability or trust. The President says he wants to commit an act of war against Syria because the Syrian dictator used a chemical gas against his opponents. Somehow, the use of this gas in a civil war, in a way that is no threat to our nation at all, is grounds for us to initiate an attack on a sovereign nation, Syria? Since when is starting a war a good idea? When is starting a war legal? Or constitutional?—when there is no threat to our nation.

It appears that there is adequate evidence that such a gas (sarin) was used in Syria; it is not clear that it was the Syrian government that used it. The opposition is basically alQaeda—and they have shown over and over again that they don’t mind killing anyone for any reason—and if they used the gas knowing that the government would be blamed and then, perhaps, struck by the US, that would be a good move for them. Our government assures us it was Syrian President Assad—if we can believe them.

Well, it turns out there was sarin used in April, too. Why wasn’t it time to go to war then? Oh, and both the Radical Islamists in Syria (the opposition) and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are openly and regularly killing local Christians—this includes rape and worse—is this not better grounds for going to war—if you really want to go to war?

Further, going to war at this time—to accomplish something that does not seem to be in any way necessary to protect America or our vital interests—may have another purpose. During President’s Clinton’s presidency one of his bimbos was going to have a press conference discussing her affair with Clinton—and then President Clinton ordered our Air Force to bomb Libya—real purpose? To take the headlines away from bimbo’s press conference; and bomb Libya we did.

Well, it’s very clear that with 9-11 approaching there will be serious discussions about Benghazi—that’s still being covered up after a full year. And then there’s the horrible results of Obamacare taking effect on most Americans on 1 October. I won’t go into a list of the scandals that are still unresolved—like Fast and Furious.

So, I suggest that maybe this commiting an act of war against Syria is all about diverting the attention of the media and the American people. It’s wrong to put American service men and women at risk for the unworthy goal of hiding one’s mistakes. And that’s what I fear the war on Syria is all about.

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