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Winning your spurs

Many folks don’t know it, but in the Army members of the cavalry can, on certain occasions, wear spurs, if they’ve won the right to wear them. The spurs are for dress—our cav soldiers don’t ride horses any more. In peace time, troopers can earn their silver spurs through a challenging process known as a spur ride. It tests physical endurance and soldier skills, including land navigation, rifle marksmanship and a road march. Troopers who serve in a cav unit in combat earn their gold combat spurs with months of sweat and courage. The 2-104th Cav recently wrapped up their tour in Iraq and troop cmdrs “knighted” soldiers with cavalry sabers, granting them the right to wear the gold spurs. Overall, 104th Cav commanders presented spurs to almost 800 troopers. All who are assigned to a cav unit for a combat tour receive gilded spurs. The next time you see such spurs, probably at a military dress event, you’ll know what they mean. Wear them proudly, troopers.

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