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Women’s Rights

Iraqi women joined American soldiers and airmen on 26 Aug to recognize Women’s Equality Day, a focus on the local struggle for women’s rights. They discussed how women’s opportunities have evolved in America and highlighted the current matters affecting Iraqi women. Progress is being made. The key American speaker was Capt. Jammie Jamieson, the 506th Air Expeditionary Group’s protocol officer; she was also the first operational and combat ready female F-22 fighter pilot in the USAF. br /While I don’t think that the only difference between men and women is the plumbing, I do support women’s rights. But I also wonder when I read literature on women’s rights in America, why is there nothing on how women are doing in Iraq or anywhere else? The point of most literature I’ve read is how nasty, ugly, and brutal America is to our women. I fought to protect the rights of American women and men, yet Women’s Lib literature would make one think that only America oppresses women—when only America works hard to eliminate discrimination.

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