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Yielding to Terrorists

Anyone remember the Munich massacre that took place 40 years ago? It was during the 1972 Summer Olympics; Muslim terrorists from a group called Black September took hostage and eventually killed 11 Israeli athletes and coaches (and a West German police officer). Is any rational person proud that this happened? Was it not a tragedy? Well, the Olympic Committee planned to have a moment of silence at the beginning of this Olympic event in memory of those athletes—but they didn’t. Why? Because a number of Muslim nations said they’d not participate in the Olympics if that happened. So, what happened? The Olympic Committee folded—they yielded to those who are proud of terrorism—terrorism aimed at Olympic athletes.

Behind all this is Islamism. Islamism is the merger of the legitimate religion of Islam with the need to have control of government by Muslims who will then impose Sharia Law on all citizens. Some Islamists are simply folks who would like to see the constitutions of free nations replaced with Shaira Law someday—at the other end of the spectrum are the terrorists. But every Islamist is the enemy of freedom and, in America, our Constitution.

So, I’m disappointed that the USA didn’t pull our team from this year’s Olympics when the Olympic Committee decided to give in to terrorists. Sort of sounds like the days of Hitler, doesn’t it—giving in to evil people.

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