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Are we at war with our allies?

US foreign policy seems to be that we’re at war with our allies. President O has done so much to offend England that he isn’t invited to the royal wedding. We’ve offended Israel more in the past 14 months than in all of that nation’s history. Name another country that has stood by us at every turn.

US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, has been working hard to condemn Israel for every little thing–especially in the last couple of weeks. She’s working with the Islamofacists to work out what will keep them from negotiating a peace in the area. Previous US government statements push for the Israelis and the Palestinians negotiate directly to decide for themselves what issues are obstacles to peace. Shouldn’t we spend what little political capital we have left pressuring both sides to sit down face to face? No, kissing up to the radical Islamists seems to be our policy–not doing what makes sense.

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