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Do we want to move terrorists to the US?

President Obama’s plan to close Gitmo and transfer the prisoners there to the US is unreasonable. It was one of Obama’s campaign promises, but clearly not one that was thought out. First, what are we going to do with them; put them in US prisons? There they will either recruit other prisoners to their cause or try to kill them—or be the object of attempts to kill them; that sounds great. Or we can release them into our society—and, of course, put them on welfare. br /Well, Congressman Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, joined other House committee ranking members in introducing a bill that would prevent sending terrorists currently held at Guantanamo Bay to the US. “Releasing hardcore radical jihadists into Michigan or anywhere else in the United States should horrify law-abiding citizens,” Hoekstra said. “It would immediately and unnecessarily endanger American lives by sending trained terrorists into the very country that they vow to destroy.”br /The bill introduced today creates a specific role for state governors prior to transferring detainees into their states and requires the transparency in the process should the president move forward on such a /”It is easy to become complacent eight years after the attacks of 9/11, but the extent to which radical jihadists are committed to mass murder cannot be forgotten,” Hoekstra said. “The U.S. is at war against an enemy that believes in an ideology of eliminating our way of life. America needs to hold terrorists in a safe location as opposed to bringing them into the United States.”br /I sincerely hope that President Obama listens to reason here and keeps the terrorists out of the US.

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