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Drugs seized in Afghanistan

KABUL – 9 June, in Helmand, in 2 separate helicopter-borne strikes, around 450 troops from The Black Watch, 3rd Bn, The Royal Regt of Scotland, and 100 Afgan soldiers, found and destroyed more than 5500 kg of opium paste in a large and well coordinated air-land /The op destroyed 10 narcotic manufacturing facilities, and also confiscated 220 kg of morphine, more than 100 kg of heroin, 148 kg of cannabis, plus a range of chemicals used in the drug production process – including 5800 kg of ammonium chloride and 2500 kg of sulphur. br /We don’t hear much about the efforts and successes of our allies in this war. NATO has accepted responsibility for much of the effort in Afghanistan–however, the efforts of most of the nations involved have been very passive. Indeed, when President Obama asked for more combat troops and efforts from our NATO allies, he was given a uniform “no” response from all. Despite all this, the brave soldiers from our one real ally, Britain, has been uniformly outstanding. br /Of course, President Obama has made it a point to play down and to diminish the special relationship we have had with Britain in the past–so British support may be a thing of the past. Maybe some Moslem nations will step up and help us. Stay tuned.

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