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Gitmo detainees

A former GI, identified only as Neely, who was a guard at the detainee camp at Gitmo, recently met with two of his former detainees and apologized to them on British TV. Neely was assigned to Gitmo in 2002 and was there when the first detainees arrived. When he left the Army he headed a chapter of Iraqi Veterans Against the War and alleged in an interview with a human rights group that he had witnessed abuses while /br /The two detainees were from Britian and were released after two years. They said they were merely delivering humanitarian aid. The two former detainees had been saying for years that they had been /br /That’s the challenge when the enemy refuses to follow the rules of war that require the combatants wear uniforms and prohibits the deliberate targeting of civilians. While I suspect that the former detainees were telling the truth, it should have occurred to them that they were going into an area where they could well be confused with the enemey–and when you play with fire–well you can get burned. Whatever level of abuse they endured I suspect it was quite mild compared to what westerners endure at the hands of the /br /I wonder why they didn’t mention the abuses of the terrorists? Well, in England no one can say anything bad about anyone who is a Muslim–they’re that controlled by political correctness. And they could try it in Iran or Syria–yeah, right.

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