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Our poor constitution

The Constitution of the US was written by a bunch of rich, white guys who had just risked everything to fight the strongest nation in the world, England–and won. They knew that their document wouldn’t be perfect, so they put in a provision to allow it to be amended. That worked really well. Then Franklin Roosevelt got the court to forget about Federalism (the powers that belong to the state; the 10th Amendment). Then the Warren Court started writing law–even though the Congress is supposed to do that. Now the President has totally thrown the whole thing in the trash with his unconstitutional power grab in the form of health care /br /But we military folks have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Folks, let’s begin the fight at the ballot box. This is an election year. Don’t support anyone who doesn’t believe in the 10th Amendment. Don’t support anyone who supports Obamacare. Don’t support anyone who wants larger, more intrusive government. But do find the right person and support him or her. This is not the year to sit back and wait. We must be proactive to defend our constitution.

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