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Relieving Captain Honors

The Navy says that CAPT Owen Honors, skipper of the USS Enterprise, has been relieved. It seems that in 2006-7 he had made some raunchy videos that were broadcast on the ship that may have offended some of the crew.

It seems that many of the crew appreciated the fact that he was trying to entertain them and they did not want to see him relieved. Said one former sailor, the videos were taken out of context because they weren’t made for the public. They were intended to humor the sailors, who work long hours, halfway around the world, for months at a time.

In today’s politically correct environment, his efforts were are not acceptable. Frankly, by my personal standards his comments were out of line—but I wasn’t on that ship at that time; I don’t know what that group of sailors found to be funny. I do know that the facebook page in support of him has over 6000 supporters. The Navy has called them “not acceptable” and launched an investigation. A group that has advocated for gay service members praised the military for condemning the videos.

We don’t need the politically-correct crowd deciding what a commander can and cannot do to keep morale up. It may shock some of the PC crowd to know that military folk, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual preference may find some things funny that aren’t PC. Shock of shocks.

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